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Whole fruit

Welcome to Underwood Orchards, your online source for healthy and delicious CherryFlex products.

CherryFlex is made from the whole fruit, including the skin and pulp, using our exclusive process that keeps the benefits of the Montmorency cherry intact. We rely on Mother Nature’s formula. Started in 2000, CherryFlex is an industry leader of natural, all-fruit foods promoting healthy living, and always focusing on superior quality and value.

It’s all good

CherryFlex products do not contain preservatives, fillers, additives or coloring and are processed without harsh solvents or high temperatures. CherryFlex uses only USA-grown Montmorency red tart cherries and other premium grade domestic fruits in its expanding food line. Our products are laboratory-tested and certified, and research on CherryFlex products — along with 50 other scientific research studies — repeatedly show the health benefits of Montmorency red tart cherries.

Pure is best

Capturing the health benefits of fresh fruit on a year-round basis became the goal for company founder and president, Bob Underwood.

Using our exclusive process, all of our products are made from premium grade USA-grown fruit without preservatives, added sugars, fillers or coloring.

Simple is best when it comes to your health and your family’s. CherryFlex helps keep life simple — the natural, whole fruit way!

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Keep on truckingRussCorwin

“I’ve been taking CherryFlex for my knees and sore muscles. It works and it’s natural. If it wasn’t for CherryFlex, I wouldn’t be driving truck!”

— Russ Corwin, a driver for Team Elmer’s

Tastes great

Tam Prem“Having my daily Cherry Flex Red Tart Cherry Shot! It tastes good and helps speeds relief from muscle soreness.”

— Tam Premsrirath, marathoner


“I’m astonished by the effectiveness of this product and will continue to highly recommend it to anyone and everyone I know. I don’t expect it will so dramatically help everyone but what a life changer when it does! BTW, it really tastes good! Expected it to be wincing tart but was surprised by the sweetness of it, very easy to take.”

— Jan Boyd, Pittsburgh, PA